Why Joolyea

Very often when we plan to travel, we spend so much time on looking for flights and accommodation. With so many booking sites available on internet, it takes even longer to find the best deals among many bookings sites. The trouble is, no one booking site provides the best deal for all flights or accommodation, which makes it necessary to compare between booking sites.


Joolyea is the perfect solution to this problem for NO EXTRA CHARGE!


Why must you use Joolyea?

1. Easy to use: Just specify Destination >> Date Departure / Check-in >> Date Return / Check-out >> Search

2. Use filter to specify your preferences

3. One site for flight and accommodation search: Joolyea.com

4. Wide range of accommodation types: Including hotel, hostels, apartments, guesthouses, homestay, resorts, bed & breakfasts, lodges. farms and others.

5. All major languages available

6. It is FREE! No extra cost added to your bookings of the deals offered by Booking Sites.